About Us

Zekalabs was founded with the goal of meeting the demand for safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable power conversion technology. We follow the course of developing technologies for various power applications driven by our passion for searching the excellence in engineering.

Our power conversion devices are already recognized as compact, flexible, intelligent and very reliable units. Having converter, inverter and full-solution product lines, they have some unique features that distinguish them among the competition.

Our Values

We believe in total commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Moreover, we are in constant pursuit of excellence and improvement in the devices we create. We also value the expertise and feedback of our employees who have always been vital to our success. 


We aim to bring progress, sustainability and efficient power solutions to our society.


We create power conversion and automation components that set the next level of instrumentation integration in the industry. Devices with extensive self-diagnostic capabilities, highly predictable behavior in harsh environment that can extend the life of a system up to the limit.

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