Zekalabs AC-DC and DC-DC converters fit perfectly for building robust and reliable charging stations for electric bikes and electric motors. Using SiC and integrating high-frequency galvanic isolation technologies allows providing highly compact grid connected units that eliminate the need of big grid transformers. 

Key features include:

  • AC-DC or DC-DC dual input device with maximum power of 5kW
  • Adjustable output from 10V to 95V
  • Very high efficiency - greater than 95%
  • Using SiC technology where appropriate
  • Can work in parallel for increasing the output power
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Modbus RTU and CAN control
By integrating Zekalabs devices into your EV charging stations you will increase efficiency, but most of all, you will work with reliable cutting-edge technology equipment.

5kW AC-DC Zekalabs


10-95V DC output
Versatile charger, CAN

5kW DC-DC Zekalabs


400V to 10-95V
Versatile charger, CAN

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