The global expectations for clean and reliable power constantly increase. One of the major challenges is integrating the renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, into the already existing grid.

Energy storage, as a solution to the above, provides a huge number of benefits like increasing the predictive accuracy of current supply from renewable energy plants , reduce power fluctuations , adapt energy supply to meet times of high demand, cap peak loads to reduce demand charges, etc.
Our bidirectional converters and inverters are the perfect building blocks for a safe and fully reliable energy storage system. Moreover, unique monitoring features and control functions give the whole power plant advantages both during commissioning and normal operation.

200kW DC-DC Zekalabs

DC-DC 200kW

750V or 1200V

40kW DC-DC Zekalabs

DC-DC 40kW

450V or 750V
Compact factor

25kW AC-DC Zekalabs

AC-DC 25kW

450V or 800V

25kW AC-DC Zekalabs

AC-DC 25kW

450V or 800V
Vertical mount

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