USB-RS485 Converter from Zekalabs

€ 59.00  for 1pcs.

The unit is an industrial isolated USB to serial RS485 converter. The galvanic isolation protects against high voltage surges, spikes and ground loops, protecting your equipment from damage giving it the quality needed, for being used in industrial automation applications.

It is installed as a virtual ComPort and can be accessed just like a standard ComPort in the PC. During operation it automatically switches between transmit and receive mode, without any need for the user to control the data direction.

The USB to RS485 converter is a reliable and easy to use device with the following features:

  • Isolation of 1500V
  • Integrated termination resistor
  • Powered from the USB side hence no external power supply is needed
  • Automatic driver installation
  • Auto detection of baud rate
  • Indicating proper functioning of the device  LEDs

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