100kW, 125kW AC-DC Converter, Inverter 1200V at 200Vac, 400Vac, 480Vac
Nominal Power103 kW at 400 Vac
125 kW at 480 Vac
AC voltage range200-760 Vac
3P + PE
DC voltage range340 - 1200 Vdc at 200Vac
620 - 1200 Vdc at 400Vac
730 - 1200 Vdc at 480Vac
Maximum DC Current200 Adc
Galvanic isolationNo
Optional external componentsAC filtering block
Contactors and precharge block on the DC side
Efficiency> 98%
Energy transfer directionBidirectional
Mechanical dimensions (W x L x H)366 x 465 x 240 mm
Weight27 kg
Communication interfacesMODBUS RTU over RS485
Modbus TCP over Ethernet
CAN (custom protocol)