Concentrating our efforts into enabling our clients to know their dataflow, we present the ZekaTrace - a technology that allows the converter to log its parameters into an internal memory buffer with triggering functionalities.

This data can be voltages, currents, temperatures, states, etc. Starting and stopping, logging type being circular or triggered, parameters selection, sampling rate, trigger conditions, advance percentage – all this is setup by the PrimeXplorer Pro software.

Moreover, ZekaTrace, once started, can run and trigger autonomously. It does not require active communication with the PrimeXplorer software. Being stored in the internal memory buffer of the unit, the data can later be downloaded on a PC for further analysis using the PrimeXplorer Pro graphical user interface functionalities. All Zekalabs power converters featuring RS-485 or Ethernet interface can be bundled with this technology on request.

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