The Zekalabs company designs complex devices, develops state-of-the-art software for them and manufactures with top quality. We create power conversion and automation components with extensive self-diagnostic capabilities and highly predictable behavior.

And if special requirements or situations occur, we will design, develop and manufacture the right solution for you.

Listening to our customers 

With practical experience in mind, we listen very carefully to what you need. Together with you, we will define the most suitable concept for the requirements and the possible solutions.

analysis and simulation 

To optimally implement the solution, we make sure it is both economically and technically feasible. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the requirements, to find the optimal performance and cost.

During that process, we use state-of-the-art simulation tools to prove the solution will function as we expected.   

design and development

Using flexible hardware and software technology, we develop a broad range of power electronic devices. We always strive for maximum performance with the highest added value to our customers.

Taking advantage of the extensive experience of our engineers and a huge database with working prototypes and solutions, our clients get the best possible system implementation. 


Our solutions are manufactured and tested as prototypes first. This way we evaluate the products that both fit the technical requirements and are the most cost-efficient.


Easily readable, targeted and user oriented are the main objectives while creating our documents.

The administrative system developed in-house allows easy access and cross-references to any project, technical, administrative or financial information.

project management 

Planning, defining objectives, assigning tasks, setting milestones and project progress chasing is just the formal side. Dedication is what defines us.

Once the project starts, you will feel the difference and care. 

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