Creating power conversion solutions with highly predictable behavior. This is one of our main objectives. And the main key factor is manufacturing with top quality.


All our solutions are manufactured and tested as prototypes first. This is how we evaluate the products that fit most to the technical requirements or are most cost-efficient.

This approach has proved to cut down most of the potential technical issues while establishing the most cost-effective model for our clients. 


Efficient manufacturing is based on refined procedures performed by the right people. Having the manufacturing facilities and a highly educated team with solid industry background allows us to provide top quality manufacturing.

We use as many environmentally-friendly technologies and materials as possible. Green energy by application and by essence. 

quality control

Our process dictates that each module integrated into any our device is tested separately. Our manufacturing follows on top of that.

Having multiple stages of inspection, suppliers and sub-contractors working with top quality is not enough. We believe that quality assurance is a constant on-going process for achieving perfect results. 

documentation and traceability 

Based on the principle of traceability, each step of the manufacturing process is well defined, and the outcome is properly documented.

Utilizing MRP, stock-control strategies, various manufacturing and resource tools, together with the well-organized suppliers network allows us not only to keep track on the whole process but also to response quickly to changing external factors. 

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