We are a customer-oriented company. We do not sell units, we are building connections with our customers. We help building systems that will bring value to our clients and to the society. 

Support & Training

We want you to get the best from the product you have acquired from us. We will be at your disposal if you have any questions or uncertainties. Moreover, we will be happy to train your engineers and provide advice.

We will be there after you purchase the equipment. Regardless of the nature of the support that you need, you can always rely on our qualified engineers. 


After delivering the device with parameter settings as per your needs, you can have the system put into operation directly by our commissioning engineers, ensuring your new equipment will work with maximum efficiency.

To keep the costs as low as possible we may use remote access to our equipment on the field. In any case, we will assist your engineers on site to remedy the situation in case of a fault or damage. 


The equipment must always provide top performance. The right care and maintenance will positively influence the service life and will ensure good performance in the long term.

We will be happy to help you keep the equipment in good shape by means of preventive maintenance and servicing. 


If the product that you acquired from us does not work properly, we will take care of the repair or change. In or out of warranty. We will always be available.

Our Service & Repair systems keeps all the information about your equipment. All the devices are tracked from the customer acquisition to all the service requests that may arise and are executed.