The latest achievements and advance of the hybrid and the fully electric vehicles are revolutionizing not only the transportation sector but our very own society. With new players emerging and old players with new ideas, all of them trying to optimize the machinery and provide greater safety and efficiency for their vehicles and systems.

Zekalabs AC-DC and DC-DC bidirectional converters and inverters can be the core components of a fully reliable and robust electric power conversion vehicle system. We know this technology and we work with it to provide the most compact and efficient power converters that can be integrated into the electric vehicle. 

EV Traction

Key features include:

  • High-power input/output from 5kW or 15kW
  • High voltage input/output up to 450Vdc
  • Bi-directional units that can be used either for charging or discharging
  • Can be used either in buck or boost mode
  • Can work in parallel for increasing the output power
  • Very high efficiency - greater than 95% for isolated units
  • Using SiC technology where appropriate
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Air/water(liquid) cooled units
  • IP67 protection versions
  • Modbus RTU and CAN communication and control lines

Integrating Zekalabs units into your electrical vehicle you can:

  • Couple the batteries with the traction control power unit
  • Provide voltage conversion between the DC busses of the vehicle
  • Charge the on-board batteries from the grid or regenerate during slowing down
  • Provide on-board single-phase AC power grid for external loads

Moreover, unique monitoring features and control functions give the whole system advantages for both during commissioning and normal operation.

15kW DC-DC

DC-DC 15kW

450V DC-DC
On-board power conversion

10kW DC-DC

DC-DC 10kW

Up to 500A
Fuel cells ready, IP67

20kW DC-DC

DC-DC 20kW

Up to 500A
Fuel cells ready, IP67