DC/DC Converters for Microgrids and Smartgrids

The latest achievements and advance of the hybrid and the fully electric vehicles is revolutionizing not only the transportation sector but our very own society. With new players emerging and old players with new ideas, all of them are looking for ways to optimize the machinery and provide greater safety and efficiency for their products and systems.

Our bidirectional converters and inverters are the perfect building blocks for a safe and fully reliable electric vehicle system. Moreover, unique monitoring features and control functions give the whole system advantages for both during commissioning and normal operation. Integrating our devices into your EV you can:

• Couple the batteries with the traction control power unit
• Charge the on-board batteries from the grid or regenerative during slowing down
• Provide on-board single-phase AC power grid

15kW DC-DC Zekalabs

DC-DC 15kW

450V DC-DC
EV and Hybrid vehicles

15kW DC-DC Zekalabs

AC-DC 15kW

450V single-phase AC-DC
On-board AC grid

5kW AC-DC Zekalabs


80V AC-DC and DC-DC
Versatile battery charger, CAN control

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