Isolated 20kW DC-DC Converter with 500A and liquid coolingFuel Cell Ready
Nominal Power20kW
DC side A voltage range0 - 60 Vdc
DC side A max current500 Adc
DC side B voltage rangeup to 800 Vdc
DC side B max current32 Adc
Galvanic isolationYes
Integrated componentsIntegrated precharge
Integrated contactors
Integrated EMC filtering
Efficiency> 95%
Energy transfer directionBidirectional
Mechanical dimensions (W x L x H)300 x 300 x 110 mm
Weight18.1 kg
Communication interfacesMODBUS RTU over RS485
CAN (custom protocol)
IP level of protectionIP 67

Fuel cell DC DC Converter

Fuel Cell Converter

Zekalabs' TinoPrime converter is extremely suitable for fuel cell applications. The device serves as an efficient and secure building block for complex and intricate systems. It is a bidirectional, both boost and buck fuel cell converter with a  reliable performance and modern design. With its liquid cooling featuring an IP67 protection, the TinoPrime will satisfy your innovative needs.

Zekalabs realizes that fuel cell applications are some of the modern fields of development and therefore we strive to enable visionaries all over the world to design beneficial systems that will set the bar even higher.  If you are in search of a contemporary DC DC converter for fuel cells, TinoPrime is your solution.

Low Voltage Battery Charging

Low Voltage Battery Charging

This 20kW unit is a perfect building block for applications that require low voltage battery charging. If your battery stack is 12V, 24V or 48V and you require high current, we got you covered. With our max current capability of up to 500Adc, we offer a reliable solution for demanding projects.

Complemented by a higher than 95% efficiency and integrated precharge, contactors and EMC filtering, the TinoPrime 20kW DC-DC converter is ready to become the heart of your energy storage system.

High Voltage Battery Charging

TinoPrime 20kW converter also works coherently will high voltage batteries that range between 400Vdc and 800Vdc. The unit’s extensive functionality is complemented by its IP67 protection as well as its innovative monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.

In addition, two or more 20kW converters can work in parallel in order to provide higher power, which will satisfy even the most demanding projects. Zekalabs is perfectly capable to implement additional features as per your requirements.

High Voltage Battery Charging

20kW DC DC Latest News

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Case Study: Fuel Cell Application (UK)

Zekalabs liquid cooled TinoPrime converters are integrated into a pilot fuel cell centered mobile application.

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