Electric cars are said to be the future. With the world currently on the path to reduce emissions and the overall burden on the planet, we commit to a better tomorrow by focusing over what we know best - the power conversion technologies. We are experts there and our products fully reflect our vision and capabilities.

Zekalabs AC-DC and DC-DC converters and inverters fit perfectly for building robust and reliable charging stations for electric vehicles. Using SiC and integrating high-frequency galvanic isolation technologies allows providing highly compact grid connected units that eliminate the need of big grid transformers.

Moreover, using our bi-directional units, you are ready for the next step in the EV infrastructure - using the battery of the vehicle as an energy storage element that can be connected to the grid (V2G). 

Key features include:

  • High-power input/output from 25kW, 40kW to 200kW that provides L3 DC fast charging possibilities
  • High voltage input/output up to 1200Vdc that includes 450Vdc and 800Vdc standards
  • Very high efficiency - greater than 95% for isolated units and greater than 98% for the non-isolated
  • Using SiC technology where appropriate
  • Bi-directional units that can be used either for charging or discharging
  • Can work in parallel for increasing the output power
  • Galvanic isolation for grid connected units
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, CAN, Profibus control
By integrating Zekalabs devices into your EV charging stations you will increase efficiency, but most of all, you will work with reliable cutting-edge technology equipment.

200kW DC-DC Zekalabs

DC-DC 200kW

750V or 1200V

40kW DC-DC Zekalabs

DC-DC 40kW

450V or 750V
Compact factor

25kW AC-DC Zekalabs

AC-DC 25kW

450V or 800V
SiC, Isolation

25kW AC-DC Zekalabs

AC-DC 25kW

450V or 800V

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