Electric cars are said to be the future. With the world currently on the path to reduce emissions and the overall burden on the planet, we commit to a better tomorrow by focusing on the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Our bidirectional converters and inverters are the perfect building blocks for safe and reliable EV charging stations. We are experts in the field of power conversion and our products fully reflect our vision and capabilities.  Integrating our devices into your charging stations you will:

• Increase efficiency
• Reduce power losses
• Work with a reliable and safe equipment

200kW DC-DC Zekalabs

DC-DC 200kW

750V or 1200V

40kW DC-DC Zekalabs

DC-DC 40kW

450V or 750V
Compact factor

25kW AC-DC Zekalabs

AC-DC 25kW

450V or 800V

25kW AC-DC Zekalabs

AC-DC 25kW

450V or 800V
Vertical mount

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