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Isolated 25kW AC-DC Converter, Inverter with 800Vdc and 60Adc vertical mountIsolated 25kW AC-DC Converter, Inverter with 800Vdc and 60Adc rack-mountable

The unit is an air-cooled, isolated 25kW/800V AC-DC three-phase uni- or bi-directional converter for many different applications.

Having numerous communication interfaces including RS485 (Modbus RTU) and CANBus, makes the integration with your control network an easy task.

Providing various modes of operation, programmable limitations and additional logic integration possibilities, it can fulfil various tasks and functions.

Having a design with fully integrated control, power units, filter bank, precharge, contactors and EMC filters balances the size and the weight of the installed components. Moreover, mounting and servicing of these usually heavy components within the cabinet becomes a much more comprehensive task.

Using the ZekaTrace™  technology (optional, ordered separately), you will be able to display the electrical characteristics and diagnose the health of the system with an unprecedented resolution for the industry. Only one such converter in your design is enough to change the way you commission the whole application.

High Voltage Battery Charger

RedPrime 25kW is fully capable to serve as a suitable high voltage battery charger for innovative projects and applications featuring battery technology. It is compatible with intricate systems such as grid connected energy storage as well as electrical vehicles and infrastructure.

The industry calls for a high voltage charger with a wide range as visionaries and engineers constantly strive for excellence and therefore demand a reliable and efficient power electronics equipment. This RedPrime isolated ac/dc converter offers just that – a complex, yet simple to use, plug-and-play, modular solution for any formidable projects. The ac dc chargers could further be stacked for achieving higher power.

High voltage battery charger
AC/DC Converter

The RedPrime high voltage battery charger provides an DC voltage range of 0 to 800Vdc, which fits most batteries on the market. The unit has been integrated with galvanic isolation as well as protection on both hardware and software level for improved safety and security. Zekalabs provides mechanisms for monitoring the device health of the battery charger with its advanced tools for diagnostics and logging.

RedPrime 25kW isolated high voltage charger enables you to take control of our battery centered application.

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