Isolated 5kW 80V 70A DC/DC converter battery charger with CAN control from Zekalabs

The unit is an air-cooled, isolated DC-DC converter / battery charger with multiple applications for on-board integration in a hybrid or EV infrastructure.

Having totally autonomous functionality or optional control interfaces including RS485 and CAN and utilizing MODBUS, makes the integration with your control network an easy task. Flexibility and control are the key features of the unit.

Having a design with fully integrated control, power units, filter bank, precharge and contactors balances the size and the weight of the installed components.

Using the ZekaTrace™ technology (optional), you will be able to display the electrical characteristics and diagnose the health of the system with an unprecedented resolution for the industry. Only one such converter in your design is enough to change the way you commission the whole application.


This versatile, multi-application device provides programmable setting and limitations thus allowing easy integration for the following applications:

  • fork-lifts
  • cranes
  • electric vehicles
  • electric and hybrid vehicles 
  • on-board power converter in electric/hybrid vehicles
  • on-board battery/supercaps charger in electric/hybrid vehicles
  • hybrid/electrical propulsion and traction
  • battery / fuel-cells / supercaps charging and discharging

Technical data

Nominal power5 kW
Input DC working voltage range150 – 420 Vdc
Output DC working voltage range10 – 95 Vdc (incl. 12V, 24V, 32V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 80V)
Maximum output current60 Adc
Protection, precharge and EMCSupply reverse polarity protection
Battery reverse polarity protection
Integrated precharge and main contactors
Integrated EMC filters
Galvanic isolationYes
Efficiency> 94 %
Modes of operationBattery charging
DC-DC converter - voltage reference with current limit
ControlIntegrated keyboard and display
CAN control
RS485 Modbus RTU control
Working in parallelYes
CoolingAir-cooling, integrated fans
Dimensions310 mm x 206 mm x 157 mm
Weight11 kg

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