The Power Conversion company

High-Power AC-DC & DC-DC

Range from 40kW to 200kW converters with efficiency reaching 99%.
Up to 1200V working voltages for high-voltage applications.

Isolated AC-DC & DC-DC

Focus on high-efficiency designs, SiC usage, bi-directional topologies.
Stackable for achieving high-power.

High-Speed Monitoring & Logging

High-speed data monitoring and logging in the micro-seconds range.
Ability for catching transients and analyzing high-speed processes.
Invaluable during the commissioning process.

Simple to Use with PrimeXplorer

No more tedious tons of parameters, no more complex commissioning tools.
Logical grouping for self-explainig functionalities.
Simple and clean interfaces and usage.

200kW DC-DC

DC-DC 200kW

Up to 1200V

40kW DC-DC

DC-DC 40kW

Up to 750V
Compact factor

25kW DC-DC

DC-DC 25kW

Up to 800V
SiC, Isolation

20kW DC-DC

DC-DC 20kW

Up to 500A
Isolation, CAN

15kW AC-DC

DC-DC 15kW

450V DC-DC
On-board, CAN


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Case Study: Test Stands for Electric Motors
Case Study: Test Stands for Electric Motors

Zekalabs equipments is used in test stands for electric motors in Bulgaria, Germany, USA and UK.

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